Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Mass Exodus: A Documentary on the Loss of Faith in the Church

Brother Knights,

As you know, we’re promoting the groundbreaking Sacred Liturgy documentary, and we have an important update to share with you. The producers just announced the official title for this film:

Mass Exodus: Documentary on the Loss of Faith in the Church
An investigation in the loss of the Catholic Faith

This will be a powerful documentary that your council can support at this critical point in our Church’s history.

As you may know, the film is produced by a Sacred Stories, a Catholic film group owned by Cameron O’Hearn, an FSSP/Latin Mass parishioner in Dayton, Ohio. The documentary can help win back Catholics to the traditional liturgy – something becoming critically important as people hunger for public Masses again

Sacred Stories is raising funds for the film and just completed the trailer which was filmed at the FSSP Latin Mass parish in Dayton.

During Eastertide, can you and your council team up and consider contributing up to $500 total for this film (or whatever your council and individuals can collectively donate)?

If yes, can you bring up this matter at your next meeting/conference call or e-mail update?

Why is this important? If we want to see tradition restored to the Church, and help return our friends to Mass, supporting this documentary is a critical practical first step (next to prayer).  

For questions contact Brother Jim Warner with the Holy Family Council at the FSSP Dayton Ohio parish: warner.james93(at)

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Live Stream Easter Triduum Latin Masses

Brother Knights,

With most public Masses curtailed throughout the world, many parishes will be live streaming their Easter Triduum liturgies. This includes many Traditional Latin Mass Triduums. Rather than provide an extensive list, we can suggest a few here:

Please check websites for local times of the liturgies.

We hope everyone is safe, and has a Blessed Holy Week and Easter, and pray that God (and Fr. McGivney) may intercede and bring this crisis to a conclusion soon.

Vivat Jesus!
Traditional Knights Latin Mass Network

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Obtaining Last Rites in Hospital for a COVID-19 patient

As hospitals and healthcare workers become focused on safety and sanity (understandably so), they may not be aware of the spiritual needs of the soul – especially in cases with COVID-19 patients.

Please read and share this story of a Catholic family who had to struggle to find a priest to offer Last Rites and to get the hospital to admit the priest. It worked out well, but it was a close call. I heard this story first hand from the family so I affirm its accuracy.

Let us continue to pray for the coronavirus victims and healthcare workers who treat them. 

Vivat Jesus!