Mission & Patron

The motto of our network of Knights is Equites Traditionis, which literally means “Knights of Tradition,” but our motto has a deeper meaning, since in Roman society a member of the Equestrian order (ordo sequester) was known as an eques. Therefore, Equites Traditionis carries with it the notion of an order of Knights defending the traditions of Rome. For us Catholic gentlemen who are members of the Knights of Columbus or other Catholic apostolates, Rome, of course, no longer refers to ancient Rome, but to the one, holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, i.e. the Roman Catholic Church.

Our mission is to promote an awareness and devotion within the Knights for the Mass offered by Blessed Father Michael McGivney, now known as the Mass in the Extraordinary Form or the Traditional Latin Mass. We also assist Knights of Columbus Councils and Assemblies that support parishes and priests who offer this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as well as the other Sacraments in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, in accordance with Missale Romanum of 1962.

Our Patron is Saint Gregory the Great, who was Pope in the late sixth and early seventh centuries. He is known as the Father of Christian Worship because he made a general revision to the Mass, as celebrated in Rome at that time, bringing it into the form it retained for almost fourteen hundred years. This form, as codified by the Council of Trent, is sometimes referred to as the Tridentine or Traditional Latin Mass. St. Gregory thus provided us the Order of Mass with the prayers, antiphons and readings even in the more recent Ordinary Form. Furthermore, because of his association with Gregorian chant, he reflects the rich liturgical tradition of the Church.

Here is the Proper for St. Gregory’s Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite.

The Mass of Saint Gregory the Great Adriaen Ysenbrandt (c. 1510 – 1550) Source: Google Art Project