About us

About us

The Traditional Knights Latin Mass Network is a working group sponsored by Knights of Columbus Councils, Assemblies, individual Knights and other members of the Christian faithful supporting the Traditional Latin Mass (which was the Mass offered by Knights founder, Blessed Michael McGivney).  NOTE: See disclaimer at bottom of the page.

Fr. Michael McGivney offers the chalice while wearing vestments for the Traditional Latin Mass.
Painting by Antonella Cappuccio, Knights of Columbus.

Our vision:  Promote the Traditional Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form) and devotions of the Roman Catholic Church as envisioned in Pope Benedict XVI's apostolic letter Summorum Pontificum of July 7, 2007.  

Our mission: assist Knights of Columbus Councils and other members of the Christian Faithful in offering the Traditional Latin Mass in their parish, or other churches, as well as Sacraments in accordance with the 1962, or earlier, Liturgy of the Roman Rite.  Our motto - "Equites Traditionis."

We also welcome Knights from the entirety of the sacred liturgical patrimony of the Catholic Church: the Dominican Rite and other religious order Rites, Anglican Use, Eastern Rites, and, above all, the Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin) Mass.

If you are a Knight in good standing and interested in joining the Network– even if your parish celebrates only the Ordinary Form or other liturgy – please fill out the online membership form.

Mission and Motto: Please click here to learn about our mission and motto "Equites Traditionis"


Disclaimer:  The Traditional Knights Latin Mass Network is not a program, event, or activity of the Knights of Columbus.  The Knights of Columbus in no way owns, operates, maintains, or otherwise controls the Traditional Knights Latin Mass Network or its website, and is not responsible for any of its content.  The Network is composed of members of the Knights of Columbus in good standing, and other members of the Christian faithful, who support and promote the preservation of the Traditional Latin Mass and sacraments.