Caskets for Stillborns

Many families - including Knights - have been affected by a stillborn or miscarriage. It is a difficult, sorrowful, and often traumatic time for the parents and is only compounded by having to make for the funeral arrangements, including the purchase of a small casket.

Several Knights in our Network have also suffered in these circumstances and were inspired to act to help lessen the burden on other families who experience a stillborn or miscarriage.

After reading a January 2019 Knights of Columbus online article, several Knights of the Traditional Knights Latin Mass Network decided to develop a manual on how Knights or others (with little woodworking experience) can build small and dignified caskets and provide them free of charge to parents who recently suffered from a stillborn birth or miscarriage.

This was a collaborative project of Knights across several councils within our Network working together - demonstrating the potential of being a member of the Traditional Knights Latin Mass Network. This also ties into our mission as many parents of babies who are stillborn or miscarried have requested a Mass of the Angels.  This is a special Mass which can be said in the Traditional Latin Rite for babies who died with the grace of baptism. To learn more see link below.

How to Build a Casket for a Stillborn or Miscarried Baby

Challenge: We also challenge Brother Knights to use the manual and try to build one. 

What is the votive Mass of the Angels of 1962?

Vivat Jesus!