COVID-19 & Latin Mass

In an effort to provide online Latin Mass resources during the COVID-19 outbreak, we provide the following information for all Knights and members of the Catholic faithful:

Online Masses

With many of the public Masses suspended, there are two excellent websites worth mentioning which can serve as your 1 stop place to view Latin Masses online:

Plenary Indulgence during the outbreak
Lastly, you may have heard the Vatican has issued a new plenary indulgence last week to those who watch an online Mass, offer prayers, under the usual conditions. To learn more visit:

Spiritual Resources (Courtesy of the Charlotte Latin Mass Community & other sources)
How to maintain oneself in a state of grace during a crisis (includes spiritual communion & Act of Perfect Contrition) 

Prayers for a Domestic Sunday Holy Hour by Bishop Athanasius Schneider (includes spiritual communion & Act of Perfect Contrition): (Link)

Emblem Against Plagues: There is a 15th century emblem of the Holy Name of Jesus that St. Bernadine of Sienna used against plagues in Italy during the time. We thought you might be interested in learning about it and printing the attached Emblem (translation on page 2) on or near your door. Also attached is a fuller description of the Emblem’s history by St. Leonard of Port Maurice.

           Holy Name of Jesus Emblem

You can also purchase the Emblems at:

This sacred emblem is placed on the doors of houses for protection against the plague. It is an ancient indulgenced practice linked to The Most Holy Name of Jesus. The main devotions are illustrated in this figure: to the Most Holy Trinity, to Mary Most Holy, to St. Joseph, to the Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart, to the Holy Rosary and to the Chair of St. Peter.

The use of sacred images is not superstition, but based on our Catholic faith. Although devotion to the Most Holy Name of Jesus is as old as the Church, it was popularized by the Franciscans of the 15th century, especially St. Bernardine of Siena.