Why the Latin Mass?

Interest in the Traditional Latin Mass and its accompanying spirituality continues to grow among Knights of Columbus members across the U.S. and Canada. In fact, since 2002 Latin Mass councils have formed at several Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Mass) parishes and communities.

While the Latin Mass may be new to many Knights, it is not new to the Order: 

  • Knights founder, Bl. Michael McGivney offered the Traditional Latin Mass his entire priesthood
  • Christopher Columbus and the accompanying missionaries were formed through the Traditional Latin Mass and introduced it to the new world.
  • Hundreds of thousands of Knights were nourished by the Traditional Latin Mass during the society’s first 80 years of the order’s existence
  • The Latin Mass formed Blessed Miguel Pro, and sustained the Cristeros Martyrs of Mexico in their crusade to defend the rights of Christ the King
In short, the Latin Mass has deep roots in the Knights of Columbus, and learning more about it can help Knights draw closer to our founder, our namesake, and the many saints and martyrs who were nourished by this ancient liturgy. 

In the near future, the Traditional Knights Latin Mass Network hopes to publish guides to help the Knights better understand the Mass in the Extraordinary Form (otherwise known as the Traditional Latin Mass).