Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Want a Latin Mass at your parish? Traditional Knights can help...

Brother Knights,

Just a reminder that our group has a new initiative to help bring a Traditional Latin Mass to your parish/Council.

If your council’s parish does not have a Latin Mass and you would like one, we’re offering to help your council in organizing a one-time Latin Mass at your parish. Below are the details of what we can assist with and also what responsibilities the council will have. 

The Network can provide:

  • Assistance with scheduling a priest familiar with the Traditional Latin Mass; or
  • Assistance in arranging for a local priest to attend Latin Mass training
  • Ideas on how to approach the pastor for permission
  • Ideas on how to publicize the Traditional Latin Mass
  • Assistance with securing vestments & necessary liturgical items
  • Ideas on how to secure/train servers and training for local priest (if necessary)

The local council will be expected to provide/arrange the following:

  • Secure venue and pastor permission
  • Local publicity
  • Certain liturgical items needed for a Traditional Latin Mass
  • Recruit and train altar servers
  • All expenses, including celebrant's travel, lodging, stipend, and related liturgical items
  • Provide support for priests to acquire training for the Traditional Latin Mass (if necessary)
  • Take photographs of event, with submission to Knights publications (crediting the Traditional Knights Latin Mass Network)

Should you be interested in this offer for help, please let us know.  
 - Traditional Knights Latin Mass Network