Saturday, June 13, 2020

Columbus is still ours

Brother Knights,

As our nation continues to be affected by civil unrest, some agitators have taken advantage of the situation to promote their own revolutions and have, in some cities, attacked statues of the name sake of the Knights, Christopher Columbus.

Our network has followed the lead of Pope Leo XIII and have promoted the authentic Catholic legacy of this pious man and explorer. As this pontiff of holy memory wrote in 1892:

For Columbus is ours; since if a little consideration be given to the particular reason of his design in exploring the mare tenebrosum, and also the manner in which he endeavored to execute the design, it is indubitable that the Catholic faith was the strongest motive for the inception and prosecution of the design; so that for this reason also the whole human race owes not a little to the Church. - Quarto Abeunte Saeculo - The Columbus Quadricentennial, by Pope Leo XIII, July 16, 1892
Let us pray that all those who seek to undermine the Catholic faith experience a beautiful conversion to Christ, and to have the concern for the salvation of souls as Columbus did.

Additionally, we encourage Knights to follow in Pope Leo XIII's request to honor Columbus with the votive Mass of the Holy Trinity in the Extraordinary Form.  To learn more visit our Columbus Day webpage at: