Monday, June 29, 2020

Help support "Mass of the Ages" Liturgy Film

Brother Knights,

As many of you know, our network has been supporting and promoting The Liturgy Film, also now entitled Mass of the Ages: How Tradition Will Restore the Church. This documentary will examine the loss of faith among Catholics and how it happened over the last 50 years.

Sacred Stories, a Catholic film production company in Dayton, Ohio (whose owner attends the local Latin Mass parish) is spearheading it.

We are pleased to share that they have launched their kick-starter campaign to raise the funds necessary to complete the film. Thanks to your help and others, they have raised over $14,000 - yet they still have a long ways to go.

Can you review the trailer and campaign site?

The Liturgy Film - Trailer

If you enjoy the trailer - would you consider asking your council, friends and family to support this?

As Catholic author John Senior noted, we can't restore the culture until we restore the liturgy. "Mass of the Ages" begins that process by awakening Catholics to the importance of Sacred Liturgy.

For direct questions, please producer Cameron O'Hearn at: film(at)

For the official film website visit:

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