Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Opportunity for Councils to Evangelize Tradition

Brother Knights,

With the crisis in the Catholic faith continuing to grow, our Network has an exclusive opportunity for you and your councils to reverse this by hosting a 1-day seminar on the importance of Sacred Tradition and to evangelize the faith.

A member of our network, Brother Raymond de Souza, KM, a noted lecturer and writer, has spoken at many different Catholic conferences and has been involved with many different Catholic and pro-life initiatives, is offering to our Network to come and speak to your council on a variety of topics related to the faith and tradition.

Goal: The goal is to help Councils recruit more traditional-minded men into the council, while also helping to catechize the men of your parish.

Topics: Brother Raymond can speak on any one of these topics including:

  • Importance of the Latin Language
  • Ad Orientum worship
  • 12 promises of the Sacred Heart
  • Fatima Messages
  • And much more at his website: https://www.raymonddesouza.com/

Cost: He is offering the talk free. The Council would only cover transportation and accommodation costs (e.g. travel and housing); and provide a table at the event to sell his books and CDs.

Advertising: Councils would be asked to promote the event for at least 2 months ahead of the date. All Catholic men (Knights and non-Knights) are invited. A second day could be added to have Br. Raymond speak to families.

To learn more about Brother Raymond’s background visit: https://www.raymonddesouza.com/ and to see a video Br. Raymond made several years ago about the need to evangelize the faith: https://youtu.be/edI-IzoMxFA?feature=shared

To contact Br. Raymond please visit: sacredheartinstitute(at)outlook.com

Vitat Jesus

Traditional Knights Latin Mass Network