Friday, May 21, 2021

Blessed by the Blood of Martyrs

The May 2021 edition of Columbia Magazine published an excellent article on a new shrine to the Cristeros Martyrs in Mexico who died for the faith in the 1920s. 

Although the shrine's architecture is tragically modernist, and a stark departure from the classical church architecture Mexico was known for, the promotion of the cult of these martyrs (and brother Knights) can only help increase the traditional faith in Mexico (and the Knights).  God willing perhaps someday a traditional chapel can be built on site.

We also note that Guadalajara is one of the main cities for the Traditional Latin Mass as it is home to a Fraternity of St. Peter Latin Mass parish, and a school of formation, St. Junipero Serra Institute for Spanish speaking Latin Mass seminarians.

Lastly, we include a link to Columbia Magazine's page about the Cristeros or Mexican martyrs: